Fix: We Couldn'T Create A New Partition Error On Windows 10

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If you"ve sầu met with the We couldn’t create a new partition error message, you were probably trying to lớn install Windows 10.This error won"t allow you to install Windows but this guide will help you fix that problem.

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Many users reported We couldn’t create a new partition error message while trying to lớn install Windows 10 on a SSD.

According khổng lồ users, in order to lớn fix this issue, you’ll have sầu to disconnect all other hard drives & leave sầu only your SSD drive connected.

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Alternatively, you can try disabling all other hard drives exceptfor your SSD from BIOS.

After you’ve sầu disabled or disconnected all other drives, the SSD should be recognized by the installer.

Now, all that you have lớn vì chưng is to lớn delete all partitions on your SSD and Windows 10 should install without any problems.

We couldn’t create a new partition error message can prevent you from installing Windows 10, but as you can see, you can easily fix it by following one of our solutions.

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