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Backing up your phone is always wise. But some backups are more detailed than others, and Titanium Backup Pro is one of the best methods khổng lồ bachồng up everything. There are, however, a few catches you need to be aware of before you download the app và fire it up. So, here"s how to lớn use Titanium Backup Pro.

What Is Titanium Backup Pro?

Titanium Backup Pro is an extremely advanced backup utility that doesn"t just bachồng up your photos and settings, but everything stored on your phone, right down to the smallest setting và Điện thoại tư vấn log. On the pro cấp độ, it can create what amounts lớn a near perfect duplicate of your phone that you can store on your device and use khổng lồ replace it if something goes wrong.

Do I Need Titanium Backup Pro?

Most users probably don"t need a backup tool this powerful, especially as it requires some fairly strong technical knowledge khổng lồ install và run. As consumer backup tools, such as Google"s own backups, have sầu improved, they"ve become less and less necessary for anybody toàn thân outside Android developers and other professionals.

That said, if you don"t trust Google, have an older phone you want lớn keep in good shape or clone onlớn a new device, or simply want to learn more about your phone & how it works, installing Titanium Backup Pro is a good project, especially if you"ve got a spare phone or tablet handy that you don"t mind potentially losing.

Titanium Backup Pro's Big Drawbachồng

To use Titanium Backup Pro properly, you"ll need to root your Android device, which has its benefits và drawbacks. Even when you know what you"re doing, you"re taking a risk và may "brick" your device. Proceed with caution before you install Titanium Backup Pro.

Additionally, you"ll need a device that supports SD cards, as well as an SD thẻ with at least as much storage as your phone. Be sure to lớn download both the không lấy phí version of Titanium Backup và lớn buy a key from the Google Play Store, và khổng lồ bachồng them up on your SD thẻ.

Baông xã Up and Root Your Phone Before Using Titanium Backup

First, you should bởi vì a full backup of your device before you root it, since rooting it will wipe all current data. This is particularly important if you decide lớn remove Titanium Backup Pro and restore your device to lớn Android.

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Enable backup on Google Drive sầu. This will back up your Google Contacts, Calendar events và settings, Wi-Fi networks, phone settings, apps, and more. Go lớn Settings > System > Backup > Google Backup.


On Samsung, you"ll need khổng lồ tap Settings > Accounts và backup > Backup & restore > Google Account lớn get lớn the same spot. You can also use your Samsung tài khoản khổng lồ baông xã up your phone.

Connect an SD card and run your device"s SD backup tool, also found under Settings > Backup > Backup & Restore. Make sure any apps you want to lớn keep, và their data, are backed up on the SD card.

Next, you"ll need khổng lồ root your Android device. If this is your first time rooting a device, we recommover using an older device for practice.

Once that"s done, restore your backups by activating the ứng dụng or using a file explorer ứng dụng khổng lồ bring over information from the SD card.

Install Titanium Backup and Titanium Backup Pro

Use a file explorer tool, which should be included with your rooted device, khổng lồ transfer Titanium Backup và your key khổng lồ the device. Leave them on the SD thẻ in case you need lớn reinstall.

How to lớn Bachồng Up Your Android on Titanium Backup Pro

Here"s where the power of Titanium Backup Pro comes inlớn play. Backing up & restoring data is extremely simple after you"ve sầu done all this work.

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