Ifi Audio Nano Idsd Black Label

The iFi Audio Nano iDSD Blaông chồng Label is the next generation of micro portable DAC/Amp’s from the UK-based company & is priced at $199.

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Disclaimer: The iFi Audio iDSD Blaông chồng Label sent to lớn us for the purposes of this đánh giá is a sample và does not have sầu to be returned. Thank you toiFi Audiofor giving us this opportunity.

You can read more about iFi Audio products we reviewed on csmoawards.com byclicking here.

I honestly can"t find fault with a device at this price point that can bởi as much as the Nano iDSD Black Label can. At $199 it is a bit of a steal to lớn get IEMatch, decent levels of gain & power as well as a smooth analog-type delivery with BitPerfect capability. Throwing in MQA is kind of like a selectively high-end cherry on a generally rather tasty cake.

The iFi Nano iDSD Black Label is the first iFi Audio sản phẩm I have sầu officially reviewed for csmoawards.com. Mike, Klaus and some freelancers from around the world have sầu all covered them before & in some detail. You would have sầu khổng lồ be living under a rock in gadget và audio lvà if you have never come across the British-based iFi label.

Their sale overdrive is hard lớn miss và they vì chưng hit all the right notes with some of those popular audio buzz words. If ever there is a company that can ride the wave sầu of audio trends as quickly & handily as iFi I have yet to see it.

For proof, just kiểm tra the bachồng of any of their product boxes. The feature sets are long and very enticing.

Despite this late entry on my behalf, I know the brand pretty well actually and I bởi vì have an older Micro iDSD sitting on my desktop for a while now. The $199 Nano iDSD BL may be a rung lower than the Micro, but as mentioned, it is not short on features that’s for sure.

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What Is The Pitch?

The Nano BL pitch is like a buffet of enticing tapas that you kết thúc up eating more from than any traditional 3-course meal can offer you. Where to start is pretty much where your eye drops và what interests you the most.

Price & Portability

At $199, for instance, it is almost, but not quite, budget màn chơi for a DAC/Amp và will appeal to those who want something more than just a phone or PC/Mac output performance levels. It is also pretty small enough lớn appeal lớn those who want something portable lớn take around with them but at the same time deliver solid & modern functionality khổng lồ their desktop system.

Modern Listening Methods

It will appeal khổng lồ those who love sầu khổng lồ stream with MQA compatibilityas well as a very high level of decoding prowess including DSD256 & PCM up khổng lồ 32/384 kHz. Its OTG functionality will also mean you can stream anywhere at any time if connected lớn a data-capable Android or iOS phone.


It also looks a perfect pitch for those with a wide range of headphones và IEMs who need sensitivity as well as power. The combination of a dedicated IEMatch output for sensitive IEMs should reduce noise to lớn almost zero. At the same time, a hefty285mW into 32Ω from a non-IEMatched direct output means you should have plenty in reserve sầu for most medium efficiency headphones.

Tonal Preference

If that is not enough then check out the dual tone switch at the back that flicks between “measurement” and “listening”. A clear pitch to lớn audiophile preferences & for those who like a nuanced tweak to lớn their sound now và then.


Accessories & Packaging

I have been aware of how well-packed iFi Audio hàng hóa boxes và the Nano BL is pretty good in this respect. This is a long but thin retail box choông chồng full of eye-catching slogans và most of the unique features of the Nano iDSD BL.

It sort of reminds me of how Creative approach their hàng hóa kinh doanh except this one is in white. I kind of lượt thích it, it feels lượt thích I am getting a lot for the money. Is that a bit shallow? Yeah, but the retail shelf can sometimes be like that.

Inside you get everything you need to get up & running including:

IFI Nano iDSD Blaông chồng LabelMale-to-female USB charging/data cableUSB-A-to-USB-B adapterUSB-A-to-USB-B adapter cable2x Silinhỏ bandsSoft storage pouchInstruction leaflet(s)

As I mentioned the only thing missing is a cheap OTG cable, especially USB-C which I feel is fast becoming the new standard and taking over from micro-USB. Other than it is pretty well stocked for most things you can think of such as bands for stacking, charging & USB-DAC cables, carry pouches và well thought-out manuals.

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