Exit all Windows-based programs.Press + R or take the RUN option from the start menu.Now type regedit there và press Enter Key to open up the Registry Editor Window.If you receive the User trương mục Control dialog box, click Continue.Locate và then click the following registry subkeys:

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In the right pane, right-click Start in the Name column, & then click Modify.In the Value data box, type 0 <3 is default>, & then click OK.On the file menu, click Exit to close Registry Editor.Restart your computerGo khổng lồ UEFI/BIOS & enable RAID, Save & RebootAnother restart will be required to finish the driver installation.

Switch Windows 10 from RAID/IDE khổng lồ AHCI
Some systems will have the Windows operating system installed using RAID driversincluding theIntelRapidStorage Technology.SSD drives typically perform better using AHCI drivers. There is in fact a way toswitchoperation from either IDE / RAID lớn AHCI within Windows 10 without having lớn reinstall. Here are the steps:
Click the Start Button và typecmdRight-click the result & selectRun as administratorType this command and press ENTER:bcdedit /set current safeboot minimal (ALT:bcdedit /set safeboot minimal)Restart the computer & enter BIOS SetupChange the SATA Operation mode khổng lồ AHCI from either IDE or RAIDSave changes and exit setup and Windows will automatically boot khổng lồ Safe Mode.Right-click the Windows Start menu once more. ChooseCommand Prompt (Admin).Type this command & press ENTER:bcdedit /deletevalue current safeboot(ALT:bcdedit /deletevalue safeboot)Reboot once more and Windows will automatically start with AHCI drivers enabled.

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